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Before the results were even official, Sarah Palin lamented the "catastrophic" setback to our economy that President Obama’s reelection will undoubtedly cause.

She also rocked a new, lighter ’80s-esque hairstyle. Lookin’ good babe!

Sarah Palin on Fox News

We’re not sure what Palin’s official job title is these days, or what she even does to pass the time since her political and reality TV days ended, but there she was.


The former Alaska Governor and 2008 V.P. nominee appeared on the network when Mitt Romney was still running strong, but after his prospects had soured a bit.

Palin’s voice appeared to crack at one point, her disappointment with the election night results palpable.

Her explanation for a Romney loss? The deluge of negative ads aired in Ohio by the Obama campaign.

Between Obama’s win and Bristol Palin being voted off DWTS early, it’s been a tough fall for Sarah.