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The 2012 American Music Awards saved the best for last Sunday.

No one can deny the ubiquity of PSY and his infectious hit "Gangnam Style," making the Korean rapper the perfect choice to close out the 40th annual AMAs.

The entire night led up to his performance, and amazingly, it exceeded the sky-high expectations. He can thank MC Hammer – the one and only – for that:

PSY ft. MC Hammer - Gangnam Style (American Music Awards 2012)

Halfway through PSY’s performance – one not lacking for strobe lights, backup dancers, bedazzled pants and sunglasses – the stage went black.

All that was heard were two familiar words: "Stop. Hammertime."


Instantly, MC Hammer was next to PSY, dressed in all white and sending the crowd into a horse-galloping frenzy with his own impressive dance moves.

If there’s anyone who can appreciate and relate to PSY’s motto of "dress flashy, dance cheesy," it’s the man formerly known as Stanley Burrell.

The rap sensations old and new went on to give a rambunctiously fun mashup of "Gangnam Style" and Hammer’s "2 Legit to Quit" that brought the house down.

Numerous shots showed the audience dancing along; millions of viewers at home likely joined them, despite the song’s starting time of 10:50 p.m.

Perhaps it was the raw energy he brought to the stage or the fact that the ’80s/’90s legend was by his side, but PSY delivered big time on this night.

This was one performance – wait for it – U can’t touch.