Portland Woman Makes Hilarious Confession to Local News Reporter

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A viral news clip features a possibly crazy Portland woman confessing way TMI to a reporter about the local vacuum cleaner guy ... you have to watch to appreciate it.

It's unclear exactly where or when it originated ... but it's quite clear that it's a must-see:

The woman was talking about how area police activity disrupted her regular routine before admitting, out of nowhere, that “I know the vacuum cleaner man - he’s seen my tits.”

“I know that’s not going on TV, but it’s true. I’m not here to lie to you.”

Good to know. And who needs broadcast TV when there's THG!!!!!!

Later on, this surprisingly entertaining citizen admits she hasn’t been allowed to drive for years, which is probably for the best. She also makes a hard-to-resist offer at the end.

As person-on-the-street interviews go, unexpected ... and classic.

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