Demi Moore: Delaying Divorce to Spite Ashton Kutcher?

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They've been separated for over a year, but Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher remain legally married.

And the reason why can be boiled down to one word, sources tell Radar Online: spite.

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The actress is allegedly upset that Kutcher has moved on so quickly to Mila Kunis, as those former That 70s Show co-stars have been spotted kissing and cuddling in public for months now.

"Demi has instructed her attorneys to delay negotiations as much as possible," a source claims. "The main issue they have been fighting over has been the division of assets and the monetary settlement, but it's now gotten to the point where Ashton is willing to cave in to all of Demi's demands just to reach a settlement."


"Demi is totally playing hardball and every time they come close to reaching an agreement she throws up another objection or demand."

The insider goes on to say Ashton and Mila are growing more hot and heavy everyday - and his status is becoming a major issue:

"It's driving Ashton nuts as he just wants to close that chapter of his life and move on, he and Mila are VERY serious about each other and although another marriage isn't going to happen immediately it is definitely something both Ashton and Mila have discussed and believe is in their future."

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