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Forget the Mitt Romney-Barack Obama debate. This should be a lot more competitive.

Octomom Nadya Suleman is endorsing a debate website, Deeyoon (dot) com, that will give Internet users the chance to debate the mother of 14 twice a week.

She’s also ending her adult film career at one Octomom porn classic.

“Nadya only did one adult video and never planned on doing any more,” her rep said. “Nadya is now debating for Deeyoon (dot) com two days a week for 90 minutes at a time.”


“She will debate anyone about anything.”

Whatever you want to talk about – foreign policy, welfare, food stamps, celebrity gossip – she’s game. For $2,000 a week, she’s happy to tangle with you.

“She is able to do this from home so it is the perfect job,” adds her rep.

How will Nadya Suleman fare in her first foray into the debating game? Will she perform better or worse than her impressive celebrity boxing track record?

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Who will win her first debate?