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In honor of the 2012 presidential debates, which kick off this evening in Denver, THG decided to take a look five celebrity debates we’d like to see.

Forget Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Tell us who would win debates between …

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

These two have a lot in common – former child stars now best known for erratic behavior and legal woes – as well as strong opinions about each other.

Who would win this debate? Vote!


Chris Brown and Drake

They’d have to set some ground rules: 1. No glass bottles allowed; 2. Only questions about Rihanna; 3. Responses in the form of rap lyrics accepted, and encouraged.

Who would win this debate? Vote!

Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder

The Breaking Dawn star vs. The Vampire Diaries‘ blood-sucker. If you could hear them over the 13-year-old girls screaming, this debate would be one for the ages.

Who would win this debate? Vote!

Kanye West and Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian’s new man couldn’t get her ex-husband dropped from the New Jersey Nets if he tried … but could be drop him like a bag of dirt in a debate?

Who would win this debate? Vote!

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

At odds from the instant Minaj was rumored to be joining American Idol, Nicki cursed Mariah out on the set yesterday and the season is still months away.

Who would win this debate? Vote!