Obama as Costanza: Prez Seeks "Jerk Store" Comeback After Debate Pummeling

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Barack Obama took such a walloping from Mitt Romney at last week's presidential debate that supporters say he needs to come back with a vengeance.

With a George Costanza-esque "jerk store" zinger, if you will.

In a classic Seinfeld episode, "The Comeback," George is humiliated at work, only to think up the best retort days later and begin plotting its use against his adversary.

More than one analyst has likened President Obama's debate performance - and his behavior afterward - to Costanza. Not a guy you want to be compared to.

During the debate, Obama had plenty of chances to hammer his Republican challenger, yet pretty much took a pass, saving his comebacks for the aftermath.

Obama has released several statements in recent days calling Romney out on his supposed falsehoods from the Demolition in Denver. Too little, too late.

Fortunately for the President, he has two debates left, recreating the setting to stage "The Comeback" Constanza once dreamed of. Let's just hope it doesn't backfire like this:

Worse debater:

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