Michael Lohan to Seek Conservatorship of Lindsay, Britney-Style

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Michael Lohan wants to secure a conservatorship for his daughter, Lindsay Lohan.

Popularized by Britney Spears, this arrangement would strip the troubled star of control regarding her own financial, legal and medical decisions indefinitely.

MiLo told a lawyer that his daughter is a hardass druggie who hangs with the wrong crowd - including her own mother Dina Lohan - and must be saved. Now.

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Before you jump to the obvious conclusion, two interesting points:

  1. Michael does NOT want to be Lindsay's conservator personally, to prove this is not a money grab on his part. He wants a judge to appoint a third party.
  2. Lindsay's management team was in fact on board with the intervention Michael staged Friday.

Mike says a conservatorship is the only way LiLo will get clean, and blames her downward spiral on the various hangers-on in her life who help fuel her addiction.

His motives will always be suspect, but the fact that Michael did not act alone in trying to force Lindsay into rehab is telling. Everyone around her is apparently alarmed.

Unlike Britney, who was saved by her father Jamie Spears taking over, LiLo doesn't appear to have hit rock bottom, thought she could be worse than we know.

She's also going to be far from receptive, given that she's indicated she will file for a restraining order against her dad. All bets are basically off in other words.

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