Michael Lohan Tries, Fails to Stage Lindsay Lohan "Intervention"

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Police showed up at Lindsay Lohan's Beverly Hills home yesterday after her deranged dad and others tried to stage an intervention to get her into rehab.

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MiLo believes his daughter is off the wagon and that's why she has (allegedly) become a no-show for post-production work on her upcoming movie The Canyons.

He told TMZ that Lindsay hangs out with "a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts" and that her entire team is on board with the intervention. Except ...

LiLo was home when Michael Lohan and his people (it's unclear exactly who he was with) arrived, but a guy claiming to be her boyfriend shooed them away.

The "boyfriend" said any problems Lindsay has will not be solved by her dad.

At some point, someone called the police to report a tresspassing call. Officers responded to the call and left shortly thereafter ... along with Michael Lohan.

And that's that.

Lindsay Lohan is pissed, according to the celebrity news site, believing firmly that she does NOT need rehab and does NOT have a drug or alcohol problem.

Michael apparently planned to drive her to a facility 100 miles away, but Lindsay - steadfast that she has not relapsed - wouldn't open the door and called cops.

Lindsay believes Michael is only doing this because she cut him out of her life after he recorded and leaked the tape of LiLo's fight with Dina Lohan

She says MiLo is feigning concern as a ploy to get back in her good graces, which only makes her more determined to keep him out of her life.

Another day in the life of the Lohan ...

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