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Already unpopular on the Community set – he told The Huffington Post UK this year that signing on for the NBC sitcom was a “big mistake” – Chevy Chase really got himself in trouble during the filming of a recent episode.

By dropping the N-word in the presence of African-American co-stars Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Sources report that Chase did not refer to either actor by that epithet, but instead uttered it out of frustration over the dark path taken by his character.

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He angrily asked producers whether Pierce would next call Troy or Shirley a “n-gger.”


Filming was temporarily halted in response to the incident and Chase later gathered the crew and cast together to apologize.

Community Season 4, meanwhile, was originally scheduled to premiere on October 19. However, NBC has delayed the return until some time in the future.

This decision was made outside of Chase’s latest outburst.