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Contrary to a new tabloid claim, Kim Kardashian is not having a baby.

Not yet at least!

A family source tells Closer magazine that Kim is “desperate to have children” and “wants getting pregnant next year to be her top priority.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
(Getty Images)

What about work?

“She says she feels suffocated by her schedule promoting the Kardashian brand,” the insider alleges, adding that boyfriend Kanye West is very much on board.

Anything to get her away from Kris Jenner, apparently.

“Kanye thinks Kim’s family controls her and wants them to make a new life in New York,” the magazine writes. “He doesn’t want other people telling them how to bring up their kids.”

It’s a good point. If Jenner gets too heavily involved, the kids might end up like Kim Kardashian.