Florida Couple Arrested For Having Sex on Outdoor Table at Restaurant

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A couple was arrested Monday after they decided to have sex atop an outdoor table at a Florida restaurant - in full view of families and kids dining nearby.

Calo and Barganier!

They avoided criminal charges because witnesses declined to provide statements to police.

Perhaps they were too traumatized after the display at Paddy Murphy's, an Orlando eatery.

The restaurant manager summoned cops after he "was notified by several patrons that a couple was having sex on a table in view of minor children."

Tom Murphy told officers that he approached the couple and told them to stop.

The man, identified as Jeremie Calo, responded, "She can't get up at this time."

Calo, 32, was referring to his companion Tiffani Lynn Barganier, 32.

Murphy told police that he directed Calo to "Compose yourself, pay your tab or I'll call the police." Calo then signed his check "NO" and tried to leave without paying.

Murphy and an employee scuffled with and ultimately restrained Calo until the arrival of the police, who arrested him for defrauding an innkeeper.

Yes, that's the name of the charge.

Witnesses declined to provide statements, but Calo and Barganier were both "trespassed from Paddy Murphy's for a period of one year," reported Officer Anthony Wongshue.