New Facebook Commercial: LOL WUT?

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Facebook has released a new commercial, and it's ... interesting.

Having just garnered its one billionth user - there are "only" 7,070,437,029 people on Earth - the social media behemoth is celebrating with this ad. Take a look:

Chairs, doorbells, bridges, airplanes. These are things that people use to get together and connect, Facebook tells us in the ad, titled "Things That Connect Us."

Or allow us to talk about how CRUNK u got last nite! Werd.

The idea Mark Zuckerberg stole from the Winklevii and turned into a transformative network has become part of the fabric of 21st Century life. Point taken.

The point of this ad? A little less clear. Is it that we should use Facebook more? That we should no longer use chairs, doorbells, bridges or airplanes?

We honestly have no idea.

The ad and the milestone come as Facebook continues to face pressure from Wall Street and the public about its disappointing IPO (Zuck's adjective).

When the company first sold stock on May 18, it offered a price of $38 per share, but the stock quickly fell by about half. Yesterday, it closed at $21.83.

Be glad Mark and all his buddies took all the shares and largely shut small time investors out of the company. Blessing in disguise, people.

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