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Arnold Schwarzenegger defended his mistress last night on 60 Minutes and said the money he paid Mildred Baena was not hush money, as CBS’ Lesley Stahl phrased it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 60 Minutes Clip

The Governator would not answer questions regarding how he found out about Joseph, the secret son he had with his former housekeeper. He says he just knew.

Schwarzenegger says he never had a point-blank conversation with Mildred about Joseph, he just "put things together" and secretly started sending her money.


Arnold says Mildred never questioned the cash.

She "knew what it was about," he says, but insists it was just his sense of responsibility, not meant to try to keep the woman still working for him at the time quiet.

"It was never about her not talking," he said, defending the mother of his love child. "Mildred is a good person. She was not out to get me or take advantage of me."

Arnold’s estranged wife, Maria Shriver, is reportedly livid with the 60 Minutes piece and the fact that she was not contacted about it until after it was finished.

She also hasn’t seen or read his memoir, Total Recall, which he’s promoting.