The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Don't Make Room For Daddy

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The Real Housewives of New York City returns this week but "Don't Make Room For Daddy" as he inserts himself in the middle of the viper's nest. We recap the venomous name calling and vicious mean girl attacks in our THG +/- review.

I can't believe Aviva's father, George is back yet again.  Now we get to hear about his 20 something girlfriend and watch him shop for enhancement supplements to try and keep up with her.  He even throws in an incest joke for good measure.  Minus 20.  

Some Real Housewives of New York City

George is a sleazy old man.  I tend to feel as though I need a shower after George makes an appearance.  

Across town, Sonja's settlement meeting didn't go so well.  Talk about contentious.  Her ex won't even sit in a room with her.  Damn, that's harsh.

But Sonja's expectations about reconnecting with her ex as a friend were a pipe dream.  At least she's waking up to reality. Plus 12.

Sonja turns to LuAnn.  She needs someone who knows what divorce is like and knows how to move forward.  I feel for Sonja but listening to her whine about having to store her expensive paintings and sell her multi-million dollar homes gets old fast.  Minus 10.

Supposedly Ramona called Harry, Aviva's ex asking inappropriate questions?  What questions?  Oh come on.  We must know.

Apparently she was asking him about Aviva's many phobias.  Why would Ramona do that?  Minus 9.  She simply doesn't know when to leave it alone.

That phone call leads to a lunch date between Aviva and Ramona that goes even worse than the meeting between Aviva and Sonja.

Aviva tells Ramona she's disgusted with her.  Disgusted seems to be Aviva's new favorite word.  I'd consider a drinking game but I'm certain Aviva would be disgusted by that too. Minus 8 for killing my fun.

Then things gets strange.  Aviva claims she saw Ramona and Sonja sleeping together naked and spooning.  OK, that's weird but what's even weirder is Aviva watching them do it.  Minus 10.  Ew.

Aviva complains that these 50 something women were drinking and dancing on table tops while on vacation.  She's got a real problem with the ladies letting loose and going a little girls gone wild on vacation.  Why does it bother her so much?

The funniest moment was when Aviva tells Ramona she needs to reevaluate her friendship with Sonja because friends don't let friends drive drunk.  Ramona's response…who was driving on the island?  Plus 7.

Ramona calls Aviva a viper and tells her she ruined the trip. I can't argue with that.  Everyone was having a great time until Aviva showed up.

Both of these women have issues but Aviva's got a vicious mean streak and loves to tell other people why they're wrong.  Her arrogance and condescension is tiring.  Minus 11.
And just when you think things can't get any worse, George show's up.  Ramona hosts a domestic abuse fundraiser and Aviva has the good sense not to show.  Unfortunately she sends her father.  

What a train wreck.  George accuses Ramona of making fun of his daughter's phobias and demands an apology.  

To be honest, Ramona handled it with more grace than I expected.  She simply thanked George for coming, asked him not to get in the middle of this and said this wasn't the time or place to discuss it.  Plus 13.  

But George doesn't know how to take a hint.  He keeps referring to Aviva as his child that he has to protect.  Minus 9.  She's a grown woman who can fight her own battles.  Even Aviva's own father sees her as the victim.  It seems to be her lifetime theme.

George keeps insisting on an apology from both Ramona and Sonja.  It's kind of sad and pathetic.  He just won't leave but he does get distracted from his mission long enough to hit on Carole.  

As he's escorted out he calls the ladies trailer turds.  I guess we now know where Aviva got her penchant for name calling.

Tune in next week for the season finale where I'm sure it will all hit the fan, once again.

Episode total = -45!           Season total = -300!

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