Tennessee Fraternity Suspended Due to Alcohol Enema

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A University of Tennessee fraternity has been suspended indefinitely after one of its members was hospitalized following an alcohol enema, according to CNN.

Yes, the act of ingesting alcohol through one's rectum.

UT Frat

Twelve Tennessee students were cited with underage drinking and one with disorderly conduct following the incident early Saturday at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house.

"Shock would not be an (overstatement)," said Tim Rogers, vice chancellor of student life.

"I myself had never heard of what has been alleged."

He's probably not alone in that regard.

"Upon extensive questioning, it is believed that members of the fraternity were using rubber tubing inserted into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol as the abundance of capillaries and blood vessels present greatly heightens the level and speed of alcohol entering the bloodstream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver," Knoxville Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said.

Knoxville police began investigating after a student was taken to the UT Medical Center early Sunday with a blood alcohol level of 0.40 - FIVE TIMES the legal limit for driving.

The student somehow survived and has been released.

Just two weeks ago, campus officials, who now say they may reconsider their policies toward alcohol (ya think??) met with UT fraternity and sorority student leaders about it.

The university, which generally forbids alcohol on campus, already has strong anti-alcohol-abuse efforts, including unannounced checks of common areas in residence halls.

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