Woman Lifts Car, Saves Dad in Virginia

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Lauren Kornacki, a 22-year-old Virginia woman, is being hailed as a hero, even a real-life Superman. Or Superwoman, to be more accurate.

It may not be far off. She reportedly lifted a car off her dad, who had been crushed while working under it, and performed CPR to save him.

Alec Kornacki was in the family garage working on a car when a jack holding it up slipped, according to Kristen Kornacki, Lauren's sister.

Lauren Kornacki found her father pinned to the ground, unresponsive.

"She proceeded to lift up the car, pull him out and then give him CPR," said Kristen Kornacki of Lauren, who is trained as a lifeguard.

"It flashed like, oh my God, I'm going to lose my dad," she told the affiliate. "I just knew I had to get his heart beating again."

She did. Despite some broken ribs, Alec Kornacki survived and is being treated at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.

According to his Kristen, Alec Kornacki is "healing fantastically."

"He is walking and talking and laughing and joking. He's feeling pretty good overall," she said. "He's Superman, that's for sure."