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Move over, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

“The Rich Kids of Instagram,” a Tumblr blog featuring photos of, well, rich kids in various states of excess, is taking silver-spoon voyeurism to a new, online level.

Ever since its launch last month, “The Rich Kids of Instagram” has prompted a firestorm of debate over rich kids and how much sharing is too much on social media.

A look at the type of material on there:

Uber Self-Driving Car Picture
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

The captions and images would be the stuff memes are made of – if the whole site were not so proudly, ridiculously superficial. They’re in on the joke.

From pouring Dom Perignon on each other, to sticking foam fingers out of Ferraris and showing off five- and six-figure receipts, these kids are loving life.

The site has not surprisingly generated more than its share of scolding and class warfare on the web. Rebecca Greenfield writes in The Atlantic:

“Teens posing with helicopters they did not earn and posting photos online for others to ogle provides an easy in for commentary on the state of the American dream. (Dead.)”

On the flip side, many of the “Rich Kids of Instagram” are not really rich, and most pics are tamer than an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Frivolously annoying to some, sure, but should it be looked at as anything more than an entertainment form for a niche audience? You be the judge.