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Prince Harry had a whirlwind weekend in Las Vegas, according to reports.

The younger brother of Prince William and brother-in-law of Kate Middleton was pool- and party-hopping like a madman in Las Vegas, apparently.

“He was playing craps with all of his friends. It was definitely a boys night out,” said an eyewitness at Encore, saying he looked very un-royal-like.

Sussexes, Cambridges
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“It was just him and the boys all looking casual in jeans and collar shirts … and very incognito.” At least, that is, until he spilled his cocktail.

“At one point [Prince Harry] may have had one too many because he spilled his drink at the table and broke the glass,” added the onlooker.

“He was so embarrassed, he put his hands over his face and even tried to help the waiters … He just looked like he made the biggest party foul.”

Hey, no one’s perfect, even the spare heir to the British throne.