BAMF Girls Club: Katniss, Bella, Hermione & Others Cohabitate

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Hermione. Katniss. Lisbeth. Buffy. Bella.

Female pop culture icons galore are movin' in, kickin' ass and takin' names together in the BAMF Girls Club, a viral spoof of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

What happens when the beloved heroines from The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Breaking Dawn and other films settle in at a modest home in suburbia?

Find out below:

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Highlights include Buffy trying to set Hermione up with her friend Willow, Katniss hiding out in a tree, and general conflict over various living habits.

Just wait for the next episode of BAMF Girls Club and obligatory references to the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal. We foresee trampire taunts.

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