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Very recently considered an ally of Kim Kardashian, someone who would help finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries, Myla Sinanaj now has one simple message for the large-breasted reality star:

Back the heck off!

That’s essentially what Myla Tweeted last night, calling out Kardashian for actions taken on her behalf in legal proceedings with Humphries.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
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A quick refresher: Kim wants to sign the divorce papers. Kris is dragging the split out in order to earn more money by somehow proving he was duped into a phony marriage. And Kim has subpoenaed Sinanaj under the belief that she can help provide information on Humphries that will damage his case.

But after initially sounding like she’d gladly screw over Humphries, Myla now claims to be BFFs with the baller and addressed Kardashian last night with:

Why don’t u enjoy ur Miami trip and stop sending private investigators to my house-Stop dragging me into ur drama… I don’t have to explain Or apologize for who I chose to be friends with.  Subpoena or not!

Of course, Sinanaj is legally required to spill certain beans under the subpoena, but insiders tell TMZ she may assert that attorney Joe Tacopina did not have the authority to agree to said subpoena.

We’re not sure why anyone would care about any of this. But we’ll keep you apprised of the latest ridiculous development when news breaks!