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We're down to the final two on The Bachelorette. The last two men standing: hot speed racer Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and skateboarding cutie Jef Holm. Which one of these men has stolen bachelorette Emily Maynard's heart?

Find out NOW in our THG LIVE Recap!

If you don't want to wait, you can always check out The Bachelorette Spoilers, but we think you'll want to stick around for this.

Emily and her Men

Chris Harrison reminds us that this is a super special finale with a super special After the Rose special! Yay for three hours of Emily Maynard! Minus 8

Curacao. It must suck to be there, right? And to be in love with two guys while there? That's tough. Oooh look, Ricki sighting! Plus 5.

Jef's meeting the family, including the future sister-in-law, but not Ricki. And he brought flowers for her mom. What a sweetheart. Plus 10.

Mom's a little leery because Brad really stole HER heart. She's going to grill Jef about Ricky and how he feels about being a dad. Jef's ready to be a dad and wants to marry Emily. I'm totally Team Jef right now. Plus 20.

Oooh, now big brother's going to grill Jef. Except they end up talking about Rick, her late fiance' and father of her child. Which is a little odd. But big brother's impressed, so score one for Jef with one F. Plus 8.

Jef wants Daddy's blessing before he proposes to Emily if she's the one he chooses. Daddy gives the blessing and says it's obvious they care about each other. Hooray for Jef! Plus 10.

Emily underestimated just how much her family would like Jef and says she hopes they have to meet Arie tomorrow. Then she says she hopes they're open-minded and for half a second I wonder if she wants to choose them both. Which would definitely be a first for The Bachelorette.

Emily Maynard, Jef Holm

Back in the studio audience, Chris Harrison says this is one of the most dramatic finales in Bachelorette history. And now it's Arie's turn to meet the family.

Arie didn't bring flowers for Mom. Minus 3.

Dad says Arie has his work cut out for him and he isn't sure why they're going through with meeting another guy today. Arie tries to make small talk about fishing and then he just keeps on talking. And no one else talks.

This is just not going well. Minus 4.

Arie DID bring flowers! All of the roses Emily gave him this season. Now I'm Team Arie! Plus 6.

Mom gets Arie alone to talk and Arie drops that he's dated a single mom before. Mom's impressed! And now she loves Arie, too. Plus 7.

Big Brother says Arie's a smooth talker and worries that he's not in this for the right reasons. The smile plastered on his face says that he's not buying what Arie's selling. After their talk, Big Brother is confused.

Arie tells Dad that Emily's the love of his life and asks for his blessing. Dad gives it. Plus 10.

Arie and Emily make out for a bit and then she calls him "Honey." Awww. Plus 2.

Emily Maynard, Arie Luyendyk

Emily's sitting down with her family to see what they think of the two guys. None of them can pick one guy over the other.

Emily says she's in love and that she loves both of them in different ways.

She wanted help choosing which of them would be better with Ricki and they didn't have any answers.

Mom encourages her to hold off on an engagement until she's seen how the guy she chooses is with Ricki. Plus 10. Mother knows best.

Now Emily's not sure she's ready to get engaged when this is all over and isn't sure if any of the guys we've seen this season has been the one for her. What have we been DOING all summer? Minus 3.

Chris Harrison asks the studio audience who they think is best for Emily. While they clearly cheer more loudly for Jef, Chris pretends they were split evenly. Minus 2.

Another Ricki sighting! Ricki's favorite place on this jet-setting adventure has been Curacao. Mine too, Ricki. Mine too.

It's Jef and Emily's last date. Jef sees everything in Emily that he's ever wanted to see in the woman he'd spend his life with, but says that there's one big obstacle in the way: Meeting Ricki.

Emily says she's stressed and Jef says he's not stressed at all. Jef brings up the fact that he hasn't met Ricki yet and says that he thinks about her every day, even if he's never met her. Plus 10.

Emily says it's just a big decision. Jef asks how she'd feel if the roles were reversed. She says it would be weird. And then they stop talking and it's awkward. Minus 12.

Emily decides to introduce Jef to Ricki because she "has all the faith in the world" that this time will be different. Plus 4.

Jef and Emily are on the way to meet Ricki and Ricki doesn't know Jef is coming. This is a big deal and all I can think is that Emily's bathing suit cover up is bright, BRIGHT green.

Jef asks Ricki for a high-five and Ricki is adorable. He asks to wear a pair of her pink goggles and plays in the pool with her. It's a really nice moment. Jef seems like a natural with kids. Plus 25.

Emily and Jef

Jef's ready to move forward with Emily and toasts to meeting Ricki. After he left, Ricki asked if he could come back tomorrow. Plus 3

As a token of their journey, Jef got Emily a present. A book about Curacao. Which is just such a sweet gift. Throughout the book, he drew stick figures of the two of them in places in Curacao. What a sweet gift! Plus 7.

Chris interviews an audience member who says Jef is mature but young at heart and that makes him genuine. And then he interviews a single mom in the audience who says a guy who loves kids is hotter than a good pair of jeans. And another one wants Emily to choose Arie so the rest of America can have Jef.

Emily woke up with peace in her heart but wanted to talk to Chris. She thought she'd care about one of the guys over the others and now she's not sure. And she hasn't even been on her final date with Arie yet. Cart. Horse. Or something. Minus 4.

She just said she doesn't know what she wants out of this. She wants "some kind" of commitment.

Emily tells Chris that Jef's the one. She knows that after introducing him to Ricki and seeing how easily they got along. Chris asks her what she wants to do about Arie. And she starts to cry.

She has to tell Arie he's not the one so that she doesn't lead him on today on their date. Chris' advice is for her to be as honest with Arie as she has been with Chris.

Poor Arie.
Emily Maynard, Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

Emily's heart is broken. But it's really Arie's heart we should all be worried about. He's gone to make a love potion and thinks he'll be getting engaged tomorrow. I hope he can get a refund. Minus 14.

The creepy music in the background isn't helping with what we all know is coming. All of us except Arie, that is.

He puts the love potion on her arms as soon as she gets to their date and she walks him over to a bench to give him the bad news. Except she's crying too hard to give it.

She tells him she felt like it was going to be the two of them from their first date and he thinks her family didn't like him. She tries to reassure him and then just says she's sorry.

Arie is shocked by her revelation, as he should be, and says he thought they had something. He thought it was going to be the two of them and she did too. But it's not the two of them.

He gets up to leave ans she goes after him. He says he doesn't know what she wants him to say and then thanks her for sparing him the embarrassment of a rose ceremony. She keeps trying to apologize and he just wants to get away from her.

Arie still feels like Emily is the love of his life and he just can't believe this is the end. Poor Arie.

Chris has Ashley and JP from Season 7 in the studio to comment on Emily's predicament. They're in agreement that Emily did the right thing by letting Arie go early. He also talks to DeAnna who gives Emily props for not introducing Emily to Ricki. And then there's another girl from Emily's time on The Bachelor. It's like a parade of reality television demi-stars. Minus 18.

It's a walk down Emily and Jef lane as Emily narrates all the reasons Jef's The One. Seeing their times together does make it clear how Jef's the right choice. Plus 14.

Jef's picking out diamonds! He chooses an Emerald cut. Nice choice, Jef. Nice choice. Plus 10

It's time for the final Rose Ceremony, which feels a little anti-climactic now that she's already sent Arie home. Except I'm not sure Jef knows Emily sent Arie home. So that could be interesting.

Emily's not sure she wants to say yes if Jef proposes. She just can't be sure she's making the right choice. Which is annoying after an entire season of "I just want to be married!" even if I understand her reasons for holding back.

Emily Maynard on The Finale

Will Jef propose? He has a ring! And Emily's waiting for Jef with one F and a skinny tie to come walking up. Chris meets him at the gate and Emily, in her monologue says she's in love but she's not sure. But she's in love. But she's not sure. But she's...oh my goodness. Just send him in there already!

Finally, they're together. She tells him she loves him and he's the only one who got to meet Ricki and she sent Arie home without even going on a date with him. And he says he's the luckiest man in the world.

He loves her.

But is he going to propose?

YES! He is!

And with a big, heaving sigh, she says...YES! Plus 100!!

Bonus points for "Glory of Love." Like, maybe Plus 10 for that. And then Plus 20 for the cute Ricki sighting at the end!

In our Super Sized finale, we've got a special live After the Rose special! Chris' first question "What is it about Jef?" Emily says Jef brings out something inside of her and makes her feel more confident in herself and inspires her to be better. Chris compliments her bling and she says the ring's not even important. What matters is the man. She could just wrap a piece of tape around her finger and it'd be good.

Let's see somebody give that a shot.

Emily Maynard Life & Style Cover

Arie's in the house and Emily realized in watching her breakup with Arie that she's not good with confrontation.

Emily feels guilty that Arie didn't get a lot of closure in Curacao. But, I mean, he was in Curacao.

Chris turns it over to Arie and Arie says watching everything unfold on the show helped him process why Emily did what she did. Arie was shocked that he got dumped.

Emily's still apologizing for dumping him. Or for not being direct with him. Minus 8.

He had already planned out their future and after he got home, he flew to Charlotte to see her after their breakup. He wanted closure or a beginning. But when he got there, he couldn't go through with meeting her. He called her on the phone and left his journal at her house. And now I'm even more sad for Arie.

Out of respect for Arie and for Jef, Emily didn't read the journal. He says all of this seems crazy now. Um, newsflash Arie, it was slightly crazy then, too. Minus 10.

They would've been happy for "a lot of years" but not forever, which is why Emily chose Jef.

Arie's doing well now and he and Jef even talk on the phone. I wonder if Arie's angling to be the Best Man.

Jef's here! Finally! They're together for the first time (in public) since the show finished taping!

Jef's hair is maybe three inches taller than it was the last time we saw him and he's fallen into a booth of spray tanning and can't get up. He's rattled off a laundry list of Emily's good qualities a mile long. Emily, to quote her, is "going to pay him later."

They've been handing out on the weekends with Ricki and three of them look great together. Plus 12.

Emily didn't want to be the girl who got engaged 15 times. Three's enough. We all watched their proposal 45 minutes ago, but they didn't. So we're watching it again.

She's never had anyone talk about her heart and nothing else before. Chris asks her what took so long to say yes and she says she wasn't thinking. Jef said no one knew he was going to propose. Except they flew in a jeweler and he picked out a ring worth $90,000.

The future for Emily and Jef includes kissing, apparently, since that's the first thing he wanted to do now that everyone knows. Their first thing to do together is go on a humanitarian trip to Africa. The second thing? Jef's moving to Charlotte.

When they get married, it'll be in Charleston, but neither of them care when it happens. So they're definitely getting married, but there's no date set. And they don't have a time frame. But Emily wants a Spring wedding.

And that's a wrap! So, what do you think, gossips? Will Emily Maynard and Jef Holm stand the test of time?

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