The Bachelorette Preview: Will Sean Lowe Drop the L-Bomb?

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Three words. Eight letters.

If Gossip Girl quotes have taught us anything, it's that "I love you" is the hardest thing to say. One contestant on The Bachelorette finds this out tonight.

Sean Lowe, whose family made a great impression on Emily Maynard on their hometown date in Dallas last week, gets a little tongue-tied in Curacao.

"Sean does a million things to tell me that he's the one for me," Emily says. "But I need more. I can't go through this and fall in love and have it not work again."

Sean Lowe and Emily Maynard

"I still feel like Sean is an affectionate guy," Emily says, "but I still feel like there's something going on in his mind that he will not let himself go there."

You know what she means by that. So does he.

"The love that I'm experiencing with Emily is quite different than love I've had in the past," Sean Lowe says. "So desperately I just want to open up and tell her how I really feel."

"Which is 'I love you.' It's hard to say those words and it's always been hard."

So will he say it? Will it be enough to get him the final rose June 22? Time (and The Bachelorette spoilers) will tell. Who do you think she should pick?

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