The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Does Emily Maynard Choose?

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The rumor mill us swirling as to who Emily Maynard chooses on The Bachelorette. Spoilers to this point have been accurate ... but what about going forward?

The field of 25 has been narrowed to four, as tonight's hometown dates feature Jef Holm, 27, Sean Lowe, 28, Chris Bukowski, 25, and Arie Luyendyk Jr., 30.

The favorite at this point? Still anyone's guess. Or is it?

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There have been reports that Jef, despite looking like the Chris Lambton of this season - great friends with Emily but low romantic chemistry - is the winner.

There have also been conflicting reports that Emily Maynard is engaged to Arie Luyendyk, Jr. after he mentioned his fiancee on a recent call with reporters.

Sean Lowe? How could that guy not be a favorite?

Emily has even been linked (erroneously) to host Chris Harrison and Brad Womack by tabloids in recent weeks in this most unusual Bachelorette season.

For the first time in show history, Sean, Arie and Jef have all done interviews during the season, fueling speculation that each may be the final rose recipient.

What's more, the final three who go on to Curacao after tonight all left the island nation at the same time, making it unclear who finished second (or third).

What do we know about tonight, and beyond? Is there a surprise in store regarding the season finale? Follow the jump for The Bachelorette spoilers ...

The eliminated contestant tonight, after the hometowns, is reportedly Chris Bukowski, leaving Jef, Sean and Arie to vie for Emily Maynard's heart in Curacao.

The season finale, reportedly, is set for SUNDAY, July 22. The Men Tell All episode airs the previous Monday (July 16) and the final three episode July 9.

There will also be a LIVE After the Final Rose special July 22.

Does this mean Arie, Sean and Jef will ALL appear on the finale, leaving Emily to choose between her top three, rather than two, on the season-ender?

This is just a theory, but the promo below - which actually aired a few weeks ago - feeds into it. All three are clearly shown in the Caribbean paradise:

It's possible the promos are simply set up to stop spoilers from getting out and Emily will, as is usually the case, cut one of the three, leaving two.

Nevertheless, it seems something unusual is up. Check out the promo airing last week, in which the four hometown dates are only briefly teased:

Does Emily cut the process short? Or prolong it and hold all three over until the finale? THG will update you with new intel we find, but it makes you wonder.

UPDATE, 7/3: WARNING: MAJOR spoilers ahead, so be advised and turn back now!

Chris was eliminated after the hometown dates, as predicted. He wasn't pleased.

The Bachelorette season finale has also been confirmed for 8 p.m. EDT, July 22.

That's a Sunday. The Men Tell All Special will air July 16. The finale will air the following Sunday (7/22), followed by a live After the Final Rose special.

UPDATE, 7/3, 10:00 a.m.: According to Reality Steve, in Curacao, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm got engaged. He claims this is 100 percent accurate.

Is it? We'll have to wait until July 22 to be absolutely sure. But Steve says Emily and Jef left Curacao as an engaged couple and are still engaged today.

Do you believe it? Are you surprised to hear that dark horse Jef allegedly wins? Comment below, and tell us who you think is the best fit of the three?

UPDATE, 7/8, 11:00 p.m.: Sean Lowe reportedly gets a fantasy suite card tonight, as does Jef. This extends their dates; neither spends the night.

Arie Luyendyk, Jr., does not get a card ... because Emily does not trust herself, or so the insiders say. At the end of the night ... SEAN supposedly goes home.

UPDATE, 7/10: After an emotional episode, Emily tearfully eliminated Sean Lowe in Curacao, leaving Arie and Jef as the last two men standing.

Here's ABC's promo for The Bachelorette season finale ...

Will the spoilers be proven correct? If so, Arie will be turned down July 22 and Emily and Jef will debut as a couple on the After the Final Rose special.

Only time will tell with 100 percent certainty if that's true.

Tell us who Emily should pick below:

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