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In 2009, Daniel Mustard went viral when he covered Radiohead’s “Creep” on the Opie and Anthony Show. What made the performance (below) so noteworthy?

Mustard was living on the streets at the time.

Now cleaned up and no longer living in the New York City parks, Mustard resides in homeless shelters and is asking for your help: he’d love to release an album if he an get it funded.

Daniel Mustard Covers

The aspiring musician has launched a project on Kickstarter to pay for the cost of producing and distributing an EP, along with supplemental merchandise.

So far, 92 people have given $2,903 in four days. There are 46 days remaining for Mustard to meet his goal of $15,000. What can you receive if you donate?

Mustard will perform via Skype for $110 or more; he’ll create cover song videos for at least $250; he’ll put on a live performance anywhere within a 120 miles of NYC for $1,500.

“Getting sober, staying sober, is a process, not an overnight thing,” the artist says, trying to lure in backers and explaining his situation. “I’m also going back to school and doing other things to better my situation.”

As for the sort of material Mustard has in ind?

“When I think about covers, as far as what I would like to do, is covers of songs that people would never think I would actually sing,” such as “Hit Me Baby One More Time” from Britney Spears, he says.

Hmmm… he may not wanna publicize that if he hopes to meet his monetary goal.