The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Uncivil Unions

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This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, "Uncivil Union," had nothing to do with the upcoming gay wedding and everything to do with the family drama between friends and siblings ... what else is new.

We break down all the crass comments and wardrobe disasters in THG's +/- recap!

Caroline's brother Jaime is getting married to his partner Rich at their place in Chicago which looks like a cross between a Swiss chalet and a miniature golf course.

I can't say I've ever seen anything like it but Plus 20 to the happy couple. Too bad the rest of their family and friends can't follow their example.

All Eyes on the Wedding

The dress code for the big day consists of floral prints and pastels and an emphasis on hats for the ladies. Plus 10 because who hasn't wanted an excuse to wear one of those ridiculous looking English hats. 

Considering what some of the rest of the ladies were wearing this episode, the silly hats weren't looking so bad. 

Take Teresa who hangs out at home in a tube top, hot pink Daisy Dukes, and those strange leather string boots. And Minus 7 for letting the baby toddle around in those four inch heels. I was just waiting for her to topple over and the crying to begin.

Then we had Kim D. hanging out in her string bikini. Minus 12. Between the fake boobs and the sun damaged skin I wanted to beg her to put on a shirt.

But enough about wardrobe choices and back to the family drama. Teresa is completely oblivious to the fact that Caroline can't stand to be near her and Plus 6 because it is kind of funny.
You the Manzo

Unfortunately Caroline seems to blame Teresa for Dina not showing up to their brother's wedding. Minus 9. No matter how Teresa has meddled I can't blame her for this one. Dina's an adult. If she chose not to attend her brother's wedding that's on her.

Back in Jersey, Rich and Kathy host a party down the shore and Rosie finally tells her niece and nephew that she's gay. Plus 11 for the honesty but does anyone really believe that these teens didn't realize that Aunt Rosie was a lesbian?

Now Rosie gets to openly drool over wild Heather in her string bikini. Seriously though, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to come out to your traditional Italian, very Catholic family but apparently it goes over better than asking your sister to go to therapy with you.

Plus 15 to Joe Gorga for suggesting he and his sister seek help for their issues but Teresa will never agree to it. Why? Because Joe's the one with the issues, not her. Is there a level above Queen of Denial?  Empress of Denial perhaps?

A few other quick notes from the night ...

RHONJ Hot Tub Scene
  • Plus 5 to Joe Gorga for wanting to share his work with Melissa but the abandoned building was creepy ... and probably dangerous.
  • Plus 10 to Teresa for trying to instill in Gia the belief that working things out with your siblings is important. Now if she'd just put it into practice.
  • Ashley's daddy is already tired of her crap. Imagine that.
  • What's up with the pack of dogs Joe Guidice keeps in the back yard?

And a Minus 20 for the crass comment of the night. When Teresa asks Joe where their luggage is he replies, "Up your ass."

You can always count on a classy response from Joe.  It wouldn't be a Real Housewives of New Jersey episode without it.


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