Sheena Monnin Insists Miss USA is Rigged ... Based on Body Language

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Sheena Monnin insists the Miss USA pageant is rigged, despite what Donald Trump says, and that's why she resigned as Miss Pennsylvania USA.

Monnin, who claimed the list of top five Miss USA contestants she was told before the show perfectly matched the top five, alleges a conspiracy.

Pageant co-owner Trump says he will sue for defamation, claiming the voting is closely monitored ... and no one cares who wins anyway.

Monnin is doubling down on her claim, though ... citing psychology.

Trumped Up
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"It's too coincidental for someone to be able to call out in order the top five," she said on the Today show Friday. "I know what I heard, and there is no doubt in my mind that the contestant is serious when she laid out what she saw."

Sheena Monnin claims Miss Florida - who now says she was kidding - told her she saw a list of the top five. No way was it a joke, Miss PA claims.

"I have many years of psychological training," says Monnin. "I know when someone is scared and serious. Her body language was serious."

Two points here:

  1. Miss USA officials now say Miss Florida only had one name right, meaning she missed either runner-up Audrey Bolte or champ Olivia Culpo.
  2. Monnin's "many years of psychological training" consists of a master's degree from the University of Phoenix. Just saying.


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