Audrey Bolte, Miss USA Runner-Up, Cites Pretty Woman as "Accurate, Positive" Portrayal of Women

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Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo should thank Audrey Bolte.

The 23-year-old Miss Ohio was the second runner-up at last night's pageant - not a poor showing, but Bolte's title hopes were likely undone by one answer.

She was asked by judge Marilu Henner, "Do you think women are depicted in movies and TV in an accurate and positive way and please give us an example."

Miss Ohio's amazing response:

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"I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role and some movies that put them in a little bit more of a negative role, but by the end of the movie they show that woman power that I know we all have."

"Such as the movie Pretty Woman."

"We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time. But you know what? She came out on top and she didn't let anyone stay in her path."

Yeah. We sort of see Audrey's point about the character's perseverance and strength, but still ... saying a hooker is a positive depiction of women on screen? Ouch.

Roberts' Vivian Ward was a likable woman, but she come out on top when a rich man hired her for sex for a week and then rescued her from a life of prostitution.

Probably not what the judges were looking for.

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