Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Todd Waterman REVEALED!

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On Sunday night's installment of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner's past love life once again took center stage, and no one cared.

Seriously ... when did this become the Kris Jenner show?! Is anyone on pins and needles wondering about her book and this Todd Waterman?

Meanwhile, Scott and Kourtney partook in some fun but fake drama, Kim has some giant boobs and so on. How did everything else play out!

Find out in THG's +/- Keeping Up recap!

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Plus 70 for this quote by Scott: "Sometimes I feel a little cooped up and want to get out and socialize. Going out somewhere fun to Kourtney would be like going to a pregnancy class." Dude, you got her pregnant again. Don't whine to us.

Her solution? Send him out with Kim. She's expressionless and boring as it gets - he gets to go out, but no way he gets into trouble with her! Plus 30.

Kris Jenner is slapping balls around the tennis could when WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, the other man from her memoir happens to show up! Minus 50.

"The Todd Waterman that I left Robert Kardashian for," Kris explains. "I just can't seem to escape my past. It's been over 23 years since I've even laid eyes on him but suddenly ... it feels like just yesterday." Minus 250 for the contrived storyline.

Plus 20 for telling Bruce immediately, at least.

Plus 20 more for his reaction: "The last time I talked to this guy was right after I met Kris. He was literally calling me out on the phone ready to fight me ... 20 years later, why would she even talk to him? She never should have done that."
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"Kourt won't even let Scott go out with his friends," Kim says. "So, I'm determined to let him have fun." Ray J sex tape screening?? Sadly no. Minus 5.

"They used to call me the social butterfly, and I'm flying again." - Scott. Minus 20, because no human being actually talks like that, Ryan Seacrest.

Todd calls Kris to meet. Kris is conflicted. Zzzz. Minus 40.

"Do you want to still be married? Then stay far away from him ... he already ruined your first marriage." - Kim Kardashian, marriage counselor. Plus 90.

"I didn't mind Scott and Kim going out, like, once, but now that this is becoming a routine," Kourtney says ... she's jealous. Careful what you wish for! Plus 30.

"It is kind of cute that Kourtney really just wants me all to herself," Scott says, "and who can blame her?" Lots of people, but it is sort of cute, so ... Wash.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner spill spaghetti sauce on their mom's white carpet, try to clean it up tear a huge chunk out, then fear her response. Plus 50 because this is the most interesting, realistic thing that has happened in the entire episode.

Kim and Rob Kardashian decide to tail their mom. Minus 50. Will she meet up with Todd Waterman? Does anyone actually care?


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