Lady Gaga Sparks Outcry With Thai Flag Motorcycle Stunt

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Something about Asia and Lady Gaga doesn't mesh well.

At least not without encountering some controversy at every turn. Outraged government officials in Thailand are lashing out at Mother Monster for tying the country's flag to the motorcycle she rode on stage on while scantily dressed.

Pretty standard Lady Gaga news these days.

Lady Gaga Twitpic

Thailand's Culture Ministry called the use of the flag while wearing a Thai headdress and bikini "offensive" and "inappropriate" as well as disrespectful to the entire nation, and is filing a formal police complaint over the matter.

Good use of government resources there.

Authorities reportedly don't intend to prosecute Lady Gaga, at least, which is good ... and not something to take for granted. Thais were previously upset when she Tweeted about looking for a fake Rolex at Bangkok's numerous street markets.

Imagine if she did anything remotely controversial by her standards. Would they call for her execution? Have they seen the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite pic?

Fortunately, she's off to Australia for the next leg of her tour, where she will most likely encounter fewer protests, death threats and cancelled concerts.



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