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On Sunday night’s installment of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the gang went on an extra special, totally relaxing, not at all staged family vacation.

Which of the girls almost pulled a no-show and why? Would Kris tell Bruce about Todd Waterman? What caused a big rift between Bruce and Scott?

Find out in THG’s +/- Keeping Up recap!

Caitlyn Jenner for Governor?
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“This just doesn’t feel right, like I’m sneaking around. And maybe the healthiest thing for me to do is just not see Todd.” – Kris Jenner. Ya think? Plus 20.

“Ever since Kourtney got pregnant she’s extra-indecisive, extra-hormonal and it’s really frustrating.” – Kim. Imagine how Scott feels, girlfriend. Minus 10.

At the speedway, Bruce introduces Scott as his “friend.” Ouch! Plus 70.

Scott Disick is steamed and storms off, but sympathy is limited here. He may not be the worst guy in the world, but if you don’t propose after that long …

Khloe surprises the fam in the Dominican Republic early. Plus 5?

Bruce decides Kim should date Eric, the local golf pro. Does he meet her list of criteria? He’s no Kanye West. Still, a nice Plus 5 to Bruce for trying.

Kim Kardashian tells the fam Kourt and Scott didn’t make it. Rough. Minus 5.

Kris gets a bit boozy and decides to go jet skiing. Minus 10.

“My mom is really nuts. I don’t think you’re supposed to operate vehicles or heavy machinery once you’re heavily intoxicated, and this b!tch just decides to get on a jet ski with her prized possession on the back, Kim.” – Khloe. Plus 90.

The girls paint themselves in some tribal fashion to perform a faux sacrifice. Plus 10 for having fun. Minus 10 because we wish we could get sacrificed.

Minus 10 more for Bruce’s earrings.

Kourtney and family do show up, eventually, but Scott notes, “I’m not that excited to see Bruce because I’ve heard that he’s been going around talking bad about me. It’s pretty immature.” Takes one to know one, but Plus 5.

Scott tells Rob Kardashian that he has “no real connection” with Bruce, has “no interest in a relationship” with him and doesn’t like that Bruce thinks he’s Mason’s grandfather. Talk about hitting a nerve! Let it go, B. Minus 10.

Kourt lets the Todd Waterman thing slip at dinner. Minus 30.

Bruce learns that she and Todd have been communicating and walks out of dinner. The rest of the family takes his side, immediately. Plus 40.

“I can’t believe that everybody just once again, deserts me at dinner. You’re gonna all make up your own little scenario in your head and you won’t listen to one little thing I have to say, which is the truth.” – Kris.

Come on lady. How do you expect them to take it? Minus 130.