Casey Anthony to Be Grilled on Caylee

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Casey Anthony faces the very real possibility of being hit with key questions about her daughter Caylee's death, despite her legal maneuvers to avoid doing so.

Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Casey for defamation after the Florida mom told cops that a woman with a similar name (Zanny the Nanny) had kidnapped Caylee.

During Casey's deposition in the proceedings last year, she refused to answer many questions posed by Gonzalez's lawyer, invoking fifth amendment privileges.

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Casey is appealing her conviction for lying to police, and that's where it gets interesting, as Gonzalez's lawyers believe this will potentially help their case.

"She [Casey] has just filed her initial brief. If she wins her appeal and the charges are thrown out, there is no fifth amendment privilege," her attorney said.

"If she loses her appeal, she will have to talk as well because there is no criminal charge pending. Resolution of her appeal one way or the other is helpful to us."

The crux of Casey's appeal for lying to cops is that she was never given her Miranda rights when she was arrested on suspicion of murdering Caylee Anthony.

"The record establishes that the Appellant was placed under arrest, never Mirandized, and subsequently interrogated," the court documents state.

"In either scenario, the Appellant's statements were involuntary and therefore, the lower court erred in denying the Appellant's motion to suppress."

Casey contends jurors never should have heard those statements during the murder trial of Caylee, and that her conviction for lying to cops be tossed.

Meanwhile, Casey has been unable to land a book deal because publishers are afraid of the backlash, and her former lawyer Jose Baez says she's crazy.


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