Casey Anthony: Out of Hiding, Back on the Run!

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Casey Anthony had been hiding out in South Florida area, but had to leave at some point last week after being outed and fearing for her safety.

As a result, she is once again on the move, according to reports.

Anthony has been in hiding in Florida, where she must remain due to her probation, since she was acquitted of murdering her daughter last July.

She has recently been more making forays back out in to the public, albeit virtually unrecognizably due to the amount of weight she has gained.

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Having been served with a subpoena recently in the defamation suit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, Anthony has been forced to find new digs.

Gonzalez is suing after Anthony told the cops that a woman with a similar name to Gonzalez's - Zanny the Nanny - had kidnapped Caylee.

The private investigators were attempting to serve her with a subpoena to appear at the trial, which is expected to begin in January 2013.

"Casey had been venturing out at night and the investigators had been tipped off by people that had seen her," said a source close to her.

"Casey is a smart girl and quickly determined that she had been found and refused to leave the house or accept service of the subpoena."

"The P.I.s weren't stalking her, they just wanted to serve her and move on." Anthony's lawyers soon accepted the subpoena on her behalf.

"Casey was extremely upset that she had been found because she had settled into a routine and felt safe in South Florida," the source adds.

"Her lawyer advised her that she needed to move for her own safety, though; Casey is hopeful that this will be the final move before her probation ends."

At which point, it's Costa Rica time ... hopefully forever.


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