50 Cent Hospitalized After Serious Car Crash

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A serious car wreck left 50 Cent hospitalized with possible injuries to his neck and back, according to a website affiliated with the rapper, This is 50.

The crash involved his SUV and a mack truck, apparently.

It happened early this morning on the Long Island Expressway just outside N.Y. City. The truck rear-ended 50's SUV, which "almost flipped over."

50 Cent Crash Photo

The star was taken a nearby hospital, where, according to the site, doctors ran tests on his neck and back. Fortunately, he checked out fine.

A rep for Curtis Jackson (50's real name) confirms:

"He was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries. He was released this morning and is doing fine."

Good to hear. Hopefully he recovers quickly and fully from the scary incident. In other 50 news, the rapper recently quashed his beef with Oprah.


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