Survivor Winner Crowned, New Season Announced

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It was ladies night on Survivor: One World yesterday, as five women battled for the $1 million grand prize on the season 24 finale.

But - no offense to Chelsea, Sabrina, Alicia or Christina - these final few episodes have really been all about Kim Spradlin, who dominated as few before her have, earning the votes of the contest-filled jury AND the $100,000 reward as the Fan Favorite.

The only question isn't whether Kim deserved to win it all, but where she now ranks among all-time Survivor greats such as Boston Rob (Survivor: Redemption Island), Brian Heidik (Survivor: Thailand) and Tom Westman (Survivor: Palau)?

Jeff Probst, meanwhile, announced that season 25 would take Survivor to the Philippines, where three previous contestants who left their editions early due to injury will return. Watch a preview for what's to come and then read an extended Survivor finale review at TV Fanatic:

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