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Good thing Lindsay Lohan’s raking in the money these days, because she has a list of creditors longer than Octomom. Okay … maybe not quite.

Still, when a tanning salon is going you with a vengeance for not paying a judgment for a humongous tanning bill – $40,000 – you’ve got issues.

It’s not just a false claim, either. A Nevada judge ORDERED Lindsay to pay the $40,000 sum to the salon nine months ago. Shocker – she hasn’t.

Lindsay and Bader Image

As a result, the salon is trying to get the matter moved to California, in an attempt to garnish Lindsay’s assets to satisfy the legal judgment.

Pathetic. At least Tanning Mom pays for her services.

LiLo racked up the bronzing binge tab at Tanning Vegas from 2007-09. Given the evolution of Lindsay Lohan’s face, that was money well spent.

Or not spent, as the case may be. At least not yet.