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John Edwards has never spoken publicly about his feelings for Rielle Hunter, but thanks to his federal corruption trial, plenty of other people are.

His former speechwriter, Wendy Button, testified Tuesday. She said Edwards admitted he loved Hunter, though the relationship was “complicated.”

Edwards spoke about Hunter when answering mock questions as he practiced what he would say when admitting he fathered Rielle’s love child.

“Do you love Rielle?” Button testified she asked Edwards.

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With Button playing the role of a reporter, the two-time presidential hopeful said, “Yes, it’s complicated.” This was July 2009, according to Button.

“Do you still see her?” Button also asked. “‘Yes, she’s the mother of my child,'” Button says John replied. “Is the affair still going on?” she asked.

“You’re not entitled to all the details,” Edwards answered.

Those questions are ones Edwards, 58, could be asked again if he takes the stand at his trial. The former U.S. Senator is charged with covering up the affair and love child with the help of illegal campaign contributions from wealthy donors.

The packed courtroom was riveted as Button took the stand about her conversations with Edwards in July of 2009, when she offered to help him draft a statement admitting he fathered Hunter’s daughter, Frances Quinn, now 4.

Last month, Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young said when the politician learned Hunter was pregnant, he reacted by saying “She’s a ‘crazy slut.'”

Young testified that Edwards said, “There’s a one-in-three chance [the child] was his.”

John, who was married to the terminally ill Elizabeth Edwards at the time, vehemently denied, but later confirmed his paternity of the child.

His adult daughter, Cate Edwards, was so upset by some of the revelations at his trial that she walked out in tears at one point last week.