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Cate Edwards, the daughter of John Edwards, had to leave his trial on federal campaign violation charges yesterday after some upsetting revelations.

She walked out of the courtroom, crying, as a witness started to describe an argument between her parents after a tabloid reported her dad’s affair.

The former U.S. Senator faces charges of illegally using campaign contributions to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter while running for president.

Former Edwards aide Christina Reynolds testified about the day in 2007 when John and Elizabeth Edwards learned of the National Enquirer‘s report.

They were at the airport, and “Elizabeth was very upset… She was very vocal,” Reynolds said. “She stormed off and collapsed into a ball in the parking lot.”

After aides helped Elizabeth Edwards get back to her feet and led her to a nearby restroom, “She seemed a little calmer,” said Reynolds, “then stormed out of the bathroom and tried to engage Mr. Edwards.”

In an emotional outburst, Elizabeth reportedly told her husband, “You don’t see me any more,” and tore off her shirt and bra on the spot.

John Edwards “didn’t have much of a reaction.”

Elizabeth Edwards died in 2010 at age 61 after a long battle with breast cancer. Shortly before she passed, she left John, though they never divorced.
John Edwards and Rielle Hunter's Flirtation

John denied, adamantly, that he had an affair with Hunter, though he was later forced to admit it … as well as the fact that he fathered her love child.

This was all too much for their daughter to take yesterday. After a brief recess, Cate Edwards, 30, a lawyer, returned to the courtroom.

John Edwards, 58, faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $1.5 million in fines if convicted of the charges, which he adamantly denies.

He admits myriad personal shortcomings, but denies diverting nearly a million dollars in campaign funds illegally for the Hunter cover-up.

Former aide Andrew Young, who says he facilitated the cover-up, said Edwards called her a crazy slut when he learned Rielle was pregnant.