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Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil is being blackballed by the institutions she holds dearest, as local tanning salons are banning her from the premises.

Ever since Krentcil’s arrest for child endangerment – when she brought her little daughter into the booth, allegedly – she’s become persona non grata.

Planet Sun Tanning Salon, which runs eight locations around T-Mom’s home in Nutley, N.J., wants nothing to do with her in any way, shape or form.

They’ve already posted pictures of Patricia Krentcil behind all employee counters to help workers recognize her … or they could just read the news.

Sources say employees have been ordered to make Patricia, who was parodied on SNL last weekend (above), leave immediately if she ever shows up.

Several other nearby tanning salons, including Body Works Salon, Bodies in Heat, and Sunset Tans, have also instituted no-Tanning Mom policies.

The New Jersey Department of Health is getting involved in the case, teaming up with local officials to investigate the last tanning salon Patricia used.

That would be City Tropics Tanning, a delightful sounding place. No word if they could also face charges for Krentcil’s alleged actions that day.