Joe Gendreau on The Bachelorette Elimination: Just Too Different From Emily

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Joe Gendreau's time to impress Emily Maynard expired this week.

Reflecting on the non-love connection that earned him a rare one-on-one date boot on The Bachelorette Monday, he said it just didn't work out.

Nothing scandalous or incendiary about it. Just didn't click.

Joe Gendreau, The Bachelorette
Emily M.

"I tried to keep the rose out of mind. I didn't want to look at it as a challenge and be like, 'I really want that rose,'" Gendreau said. "I wanted to see how my time was with her and entertain the idea of being able to hit it off with her."

"I thought it was going well, but ultimately didn't work out. We really didn't hit it off with each other. We are in different places in our lives."

"I'm a single, free-spirited individual. Emily, she is looking for someone more settled and committed to family and work."

To that effect, Joe's "five-year-plan" seemed to be his undoing.

"I said, 'I want to be happy with no regrets' in five years ... I think she was more looking for more detail like, 'I want to be here with these many kids.'"

"I didn't take offense. She's determined in what she wants and she didn't see that in me. I answered truthfully. That's me being myself."

"I was not closed-minded about it. I want to have kids and marriage in my life one day, [but] I'll cross that bridge when I get there."

"Whether she made the right decision is on her. After she made her mind up, I was content to move on. I was really happy with everything."

"We just didn't click. She was very sweet, and I wish her the best."

As for who he thinks Emily Maynard's ends up with in the end?

"My money's on Jef. He seems like a great guy, a caring individual, and he's got some money. I'm sure that's going to put me in a doghouse," he said.

"Arie and Sean will stick around too. And maybe Doug, the guy who got the first impression rose. They're solid good guys, good character."

Sounds like someone's been reading The Bachelorette spoilers ... or watching the first two episodes on TV. That's all we'll say for now.