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Emily Maynard debuts as The Bachelorette May 14, and we’re starting to piece together the coming season of the long-running ABC guilty pleasure.

The Bachelorette spoilers revealed thus far show that the men competing from Emily mostly range in age from 25-35, and are Caucasian. Shocker!

She’ll meet a teacher, a gym owner, a model, a bunch of of executives, a big-name race car driver (seriously) and a Jef with one “f” (also seriously).

Emily Maynard, 25, won Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor, but that didn’t work out. She bested Ashley Hebert, the previous Bachelorette star.

As he did then, Reality Steve has been digging like a madman for spoilers on the upcoming season for those of us who can’t wait until the summer.

What has he found out through his mysterious unnamed sources? Quite a bit, and his track record would suggest it’s more than a little accurate.

Come along as we reveal the men who will vie for the North Carolina native’s heart – and the final four who are left standing! Who are the lucky fellas?

Follow the jump and let’s get this party started!

Here’s a roster of the men Emily meets on the season premiere May 14:
  1. Aaron Martell, 35, Los Angeles, science teacher at Los Angeles High School.
  2. Alejandro, 25, Mushroom Farmer, Medellin, Colombia 
  3. Alessandro, 30, Grain Merchant, Uberlandia, Brazil 
  4. Arie Luyendyk Jr., 30, Scottsdale, Ariz., former Indy Car driver.
  5. Brent, 41, Technology Salesman, Midland, TX  
  6. Chris Bukowski, 25, Chicago, sales Manager at the Sears Centre Arena.
  7. Charles Grogan, Nashville, Tenn., volunteer at Monroe Carroll Jr. Children’s Hospital.
  8. David Homyk, New York, musician.
  9. Doug Clerget, 33, Tacoma, Wash., vice president at Kidder Matthews.  
  10. Jackson, 29, Fitness Model, Chicago, IL 
  11. Jean-Paul, 35, Marine Biologist, Moraga, CA 
  12. Jef Holm, 27, St. George, Utah, CEO of People Water.
  13. Joe, 27, Field Energy Advisor, Orlando, FL 
  14. John Wolfner, St. Louis, Mo., co-owns CitiShred with his father, Greg.
  15. Kalon McMahon, 26, Houston, Texas, model. And apparently the villain / guy everyone wants to punch this season, as seen in the previews.
  16. Kyle Dillon, 28, Long Beach, Calif., financial adviser for Morgan Stanley.
  17. Lerone, 29, Real Estate Consultant, Laguna Beach, CA 
  18. Michael Nance, 26, Austin, Texas, musician.
  19. Nathan Bakke, 25, Los Angeles, CPA at Ernst and Young. And also a guy whose name is actually Jeff Malley, depending who you ask. Weird.
  20. Randy, 30, Marketing Manager, Oak Creek, WI 
  21. Ryan Bowers, 31, Evans, Ga., gym owner.
  22. Sean Lowe, 28, Dallas, Texas, fitness model/insurance agent.
  23. Stevie, 26, Party MC, Monroe Township, NJ 
  24. Tony Pieper, 30, Portland, Ore., fitness model and lumber trader.
  25. Travis Pope, 30, Madison, Miss., account executive for the Clarion-Ledger.

Beginning with episode four, with 13 men left standing, here’s how things reportedly shake out week by week until we get to the hometowns …

Episode Four

1-on-1: Doug Clerget. Rose.

Group Date: Boat racing.

2-on-1: John Wolfner and Nate Bakke. Nate is eliminated.

Rose Ceremony: Michael Nance and Charlie Grogan out.

Episode Five

1-on-1: Sean Lowe. Rose.

Group date: Eight guys rehearse a scene from “Romeo & Juliet.” At the after party, this is when Emily blows up at Kalon and he is eliminated.

1-on-1: Jef Holm. Rose.

Rose Ceremony: Alejandro Velez eliminated.

Episode Six (Croatia)

1-on-1: Travis Pope.

Group Date: Six guys and Emily get to watch an advanced screening of Brave and compete against each other in a Hunger Games-esque setting.

1-on-1: Ryan Bowers.

Rose Ceremony: All six from the group date – Sean, Doug, Chris, Arie, John, and Jef – advance. So either Travis and Ryan were both denied on their one-on-one dates, or got roses only to have Emily take them back at the ceremony.

Episode Seven (Prague, Czech Republic)

The ABC press release back on ABC press release lists a lot of the things that were visited while in Prague, without specifying who was on which date. From the press release…

1-on-1: Arie Luyendyk Jr.

1-on-1: John Wolfner.

3-on-1: Doug Clerget, Sean Lowe and Chris Bukowski. Doug is eliminated after becoming upset that one of other guys got a rose and not him (Sean Lowe got it).

1-on-1: Jef Holm.

Rose Ceremony: John Wolfner eliminated.

Episode Eight (Hometown Dates)

Of the initial 25 men, and after weeks of grueling dates, these four make it to the final four for the coveted homedown dates with Emily Maynard:

Jef Holm: 27, St. George, Utah. He’s the CEO of People Water.

Sean Lowe: 28, Dallas, Texas. Fitness model/insurance agent

Chris Bukowski: 25, Chicago, Ill, Sales Manager at Sears Centre Arena.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.: 30, Scottsdale, Arizona. Perhaps most notably, a former Indy Race Car driver, and son of two-time Indy 500 Champion Arie Luyendyk Sr.

Chris’ hometown date shot in Chicago on Friday (April 20), Jef’s was Sunday (April 21), Arie’s was Tuesday (April 24) and Sean’s hometown date was April 26.

The eliminated contestant, after the hometowns, is reportedly Chris Bukowski, leaving Jef, Sean and Arie. More on that as additional details are revealed.

All arrived home at the same time, so it’s still unclear how the final three shake out. If and when we find out, you will be made aware of it immediately.

Episode Nine will feature the final three guys, one of whom is sent home. Then the Men Tell All Special will air before Episode Eleven, the season finale.

UPDATE, 5/14: There is a report online that Arie is eliminated, leaving Sean and Jef to vie for the final rose, and that Jef is the winner. This is NOT confirmed.

Take that with a grain (boulder) of salt, since it doesn’t come from a reliable source. We will update this with better intel/info when it becomes available.

UPDATE, 5/15: Brent, Lerone, Jean-Paul, Jackson, David, Randy were cut loose on the season premiere, leaving all the presumed favorites safe so far.

The Bachelorette Preview

UPDATE, 5/16: Reports say that after the final three rose ceremony, which took place in Curacao, Jef, Sean and Arie were all sequestered, unlike years past.

In other words, whoever was eliminated did not come home right away as in the past. Does this mean the eliminated aspirant reappears in the finale?

Possible, but unclear. It’s also possible that the producers simply kept Sean, Jef, and Arie around to make it less obvious who makes it to the final two.

Speaking of the final three, Emily reportedly did not spend the night in the fantasy suite with any of the above. As a single mom, that’s probably best!

UPDATE, 5/24: Still going according to what we’ve heard so far. Emily cut three more men in episode two, leaving the favorites to woo another week.

Ousted so far: Randy Lee Woyak, Lerone Anu, Jean-Paul LaCount, Jackson Longnecker, David Hornyk, Brent Richter, Joe Gendreau, Kyle Dillon and Aaron Martell.

UPDATE, 5/28: You gotta read this new expose on the shady past of Arie Luyendyk, Jr., including his past relationships and ties to a producer of the show.

UPDATE, 5/29: Tony, Alessandro and Stevie got the boot, leaving 13 men remaining after week three. All of the obvious favorites are still on hand.

Still no conclusive word on how the final three shakes out, despite rumors flying that suggest a variety of different outcomes. We’ll keep you posted.

Additional date details, pics, and week-by-week date information will be posted as soon as we have those details! So check back often and stay tuned!

UPDATE, 5/31: Details from episodes 4-7 have been posted above.

UPDATE, 6/5: Nate, Charlie and Mike did not receive roses on the fourth episode of the season, leaving the list of favorites above completely intact.

UPDATE, 6/12: Great to see Emily come out of her shell and berate Kalon, who deserved it and was canned as predicted. Alejandro departed as well.

Still no word on how the final three shake out … yet. However, ABC has sort of confirmed who the final three are based on this extended preview:

The Bachelorette Episode 806 Promo

UPDATE, 6/19: In a rare, if not unprecedented move, Emily sent both Travis and Ryan packing on their one-on-one dates … then asked for an extra rose.

Yep, she couldn’t part with John or Doug, so no one was sent home at the actual rose ceremony, which you don’t see every week. So six men remain.

The previews for next week hint at major drama with Arie, though:

The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 7 Promo

If Emily sends Arie home after this, apparently it’s short-lived, because as we know, he will be among the final three she chooses from in the Caribbean.

UPDATE, 6/26: John and Doug were eliminated last night as predicted, bringing us to the coveted hometown dates with Jef, Doug, Sean and Arie.

From what we’ve read, Chris is on the way out next. After that, it is still anyone’s guess, despite rumors floating around that Arie is engaged to Emily.

UPDATE, 7/3: Chris was in fact eliminated after the hometown dates, as predicted. The Bachelorette season finale has also been confirmed for July 22.

That’s a Sunday. The Men Tell All Special is July 16.

UPDATE, 7/3, 10:00 a.m.: According to reports, in Curacao, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm get engaged. Reality Steve is on record saying this is accurate.

Is it? We’ll have to wait and see. But that’s the scoop.

There will be a live announcement on the After the Final Rose special, which takes place July 22 immediately following The Bachelorette season finale.

UPDATE, 7/8, 11:00 p.m.: Sean Lowe reportedly gets a fantasy suite card in Curacao, as does Jef. This extends their dates; neither spends the night.

Arie Luyendyk, Jr., does not get a card … because Emily does not trust herself, or so the insiders say. At the end of the night … SEAN supposedly goes home.

That leaves Jef and Arie as the final two, with Jef winning.

UPDATE, 7/10: After an emotional episode, Emily indeed eliminated Sean Lowe in Curacao, leaving Arie and Jef as the last two men standing.

Do you believe it? Are you surprised to hear that dark horse Jef allegedly wins? Comment below, and tell us: Who do you think Emily should choose?