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Ali Fedotowsky, the former star of The Bachelorette, looked poised to join the elite club of contestants on the ABC reality franchise to actually tie the knot with her chosen partner … but it was not to be. She and Roberto Martinez split.

Not that she’s sitting at home crying over it.

Ali has a new late night travel show, 1st Look, coming Saturdays on NBC after SNL. In an interview with SheKnows, Ali discussed the program, living the single life, controversial Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson and more …

Ali Fedotowsky Online

“I’m so excited,” Fedotowsky said of 1st Look. “It’s just the best job that I could possibly imagine. I get to travel all over the country and go to cool places.”

When she’s not working, she’s enjoying life in a new city three hours north. After her split from Roberto Martinez, Ali moved from San Diego to L.A.

“I love L.A. I love the weather. I love the interesting things there are to do. And I love my apartment. It’s small, and cozy and I’m doing things really girly.”

One of her favorite pastimes? Watching The Bachelor with friends.

“I definitely still have Bachelor viewing parties with my girlfriends,” said Ali. “I watch in different light now that I’ve been through it, but I do enjoy watching it still.”

Ali revealed that despite the backlash last season’s winner, Courtney Robertson, has received, she found the Santa Monica model to be nice in real life.

“She’s great,” Fedotowsky revealed. “We exchanged information and I think we’re going to get together later in the week. She’s in L.A. I’m in L.A.”

“You can always use more girlfriends.”

Although The Bachelor and The Bachelorette didn’t work out for her in the romance department, Ali hasn’t given up on finding love by a longshot.

“I’m not quite ready [to date again],” said Ali. “But I would say, if I happen to stumble upon someone, I wouldn’t shy away. I’m definitely open to finding love again.”

“Maybe when I’m traveling, I’ll meet someone on the road.”

One can only hope. Sadly, no major Bachelorette spoilers from Ali regarding the coming season, but we know she’ll be watching right along with us.