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After 12 of the top 24 gave it their all last week, The Voice returned for part two of the latest round last night, treating the audience to some great performances.

And a few that were less than great. But so it goes.

With six members of Team Adam Levine and six members of Team Cee Lo Green battling for just four spots apiece, there was a lot on the line Monday.

Let’s break down the performances one by one:

John Legend Selfie with Ariana Grande on The Voice

Katrina Parker – “Tonight Tonight” (Team Adam)

Adam thought she did great, but no one will mistake her for Adele, who he so desperately wanted her to break away from. Better than average, not superb.

Cheesa – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Team Cee Lo)

Cheesa did well, but like Katrina, didn’t knock any socks off, and might leave her fate in the hands of the people who perform after. Too many dancers, too.

Tonny Lucca – “In Your Eyes” (Team Adam)

He wasn’t that bad, but Christina launched into a rant about how Tony has no versatility and would only get votes because of his personal popularity, etc.

It was quite mean at worst, totally random at best. Adam stuck up for his boy and said Tony made him feel good with the song … will America agree?

Kim Yarbrough – “Rolling in the Deep” (Team Adam)

Singing such an unbelievably good and popular song from such a dynamic, unique artist put her at a disadvantage this week. She just didn’t have it.

Adam said that it is hard to do Adele because she’s such a freak. True enough. He also loves Kim to death. Will America love her enough to keep her?

James Massone – “Don’t Know Why” (Team Cee Lo)

Blake said he almost through his panties on the stage. That about sums it up. Cee Lo thought James might be too attentive to the crowd. Still strong.

Juliet Simms – “Roxanne” (Team Cee Lo)

This was the one. Hitting every note flawlessly and commanding the stage with each movement, Juliet put the five who went before her on notice.

Adam admitted it was the best performance he’s seen so far on the show. Xtina said it was dope, much like everything else was this week for her.

In Juliet’s case, though, it was actually true.

Mathai – “Ordinary People” (Team Adam)

Juliet was a tough act to follow, but Mathai stepped up big, with a song that showed utter control of her voice, showcased in uniquely perfect ways.

The judges all agreed that this was something special, all but guaranteeing Mathai a spot in the Sweet 16, even if Adam has to save her tonight.

Tony Vincent – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (Team Cee Lo)

He has a good voice, but the red monsters and the fact that he feels like an ’80s music video character detract from it somewhat. The vibe felt off.

Karla Davis – “Airplanes” (Team Adam)

She goes from country to hip hop? Really? After the coaches didn’t even want Moses to rap? The terrible song choice left her behind the eight ball.

Erin Martin – “Walk Like an Egyptian” (Team Cee Lo)

This was almost as bad of a song choice, given that it doesn’t require any actual singing. Nice work getting people to take you seriously, The Voice.

Pip – “When You Were Young” (Team Adam)

Pip is not a rocker, however, he did his darndest to pull it off and got better as it went along, despite some pitch problems. He’ll be alright after this.

Adam said he surprised everybody by doing this song, which was definitely true, and he acquitted himself well. Now he can go back to his strengths.

Jamar Rogers – “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (Team Cee Lo)

His voice sounded great up there, and his performance was also solid, but all the overproduction didn’t help, and he wasn’t electric. So, we’ll see.

Tonight, three contestants from Team Adam and from Team Cee Lo will make it through on votes. Each coach will then have to pick one wild card.

Who do you think should advance? Tell us below!