The Voice Recap: 12 of the Top 24 Go Live!

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Live shows have finally arrived on The Voice's second season.

Who were your favorite singers from Team Blake and Team Christina on the first night of the Top 24 on The Voice? Who's most likely to go home tonight?

More importantly, how is it even decided who will go home?

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So, America will pick its three favorite contestants, out of six, from each team that got to perform on Monday, and those six will move on to the next round.

The also-rans with one from each team moving on. Christina and Blake will get to pick the one remaining singer on their team to advance to the Top 16.

Confused yet? Nice. Anyway, let's get on to the performances!

Team Blake Shelton

1. Jermaine Paul, "Livin' on a Prayer." A bit over-produced, and not his best, but he was pretty good. The coaches seemed pleased, if not simply wowed.

2. RaeLynn, "Wake Up Call." What she sang vocally was an improvement over her Battle Round effort, but the performance might've been over the top.

3. Naia Kete, "Turning Tables." Tough song, with tender moments that were so special (Blake says) and opportunities missed (Xtina says). A wash.

4. Jordis Unga, "Alone." Blake thought her effort was the opposite of playing safe, and it was probably enough to advance, even if it was imperfect.

5. Erin Willett, "Living For the City." Despite a virtual Broadway play going on in front of her to start, her voice more than made up for that weirdness.

6. Charlotte Sometimes, "Misery Business." Sometimes, you save the best for last. This was one of those times. Simply an outstanding performance!

Team Christina Aguilera

1. Chris Mann, "Bridge Over Troubled Water." His voice is powerful, and worked well with this song. He let his emotions shine brightly throughout, too.

2. Moses Stone, "Stronger"/"Power." Cee Lo appreciated his stage presence, but this was one of Monday's low points. He'll be fighting for his life tonight.

3. Lindsey Pavao, "Somebody That I Used to Know." Lindsey owned this performance, not a small feat considering it was such an unusual song choice.

4. Sera Hill, "Find Your Love." Sera didn't get off to a good start, her song choice wasn't the best, and she missed notes at the end. But Xtina loved it, so ...

5. Ashley De La Rosa, "Right Through You." More of an Alanis impression than a cover she added to at times, she still did alright, but could be at risk.

6. Jesse Campbell, "What a Wonderful World." The coaches think this could be the man to beat. Will America agree, or have their own opinions?

Which singer was your favorite? Who do you think could be going home tonight? Sound off on The Voice's first live episode in the comments!

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