Lady Gaga LoveGame: Taylor Kinney Out, Luc Carl In?

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Is there trouble in paradise for Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney? And is her ex-beau Luc Carl the cause of it all? According to a new tabloid report ... very possibly.

Yes, Gaga and Taylor recently went on a double date with Emmy Rossum and her BF, but Luc Carl has always held a special place in the singer's heart.

A source tells Radar that her fling with actor Kinney, a model/actor who has appeared on The Vampire Diaries, is cooling off after many months of bliss.

And guess what? Luc still has feelings for her.


“They never really gave up on each other: they’ve been talking a lot lately,” the source says of Carl, who recently authored a book called The Drunk Diet.

Seriously, he did. And he talks about their breakup in it.

"The breakup with my girlfriend was rock bottom," Luc explains in the book. "It took me about a week to realize she was right. I was f--king miserable."

The 26-year-old Gaga, who plugged Luc’s book to her 22 million Twitter followers March 25, is “impressed by how ambitious he’s become." Interesting.

“He wrote the book and is opening his own club,” the insider says, predicting that Luc and his longtime Lady will “probably end up together again.”

Having seen the error of his ways, whatever those were, he is expected to meet up with Gaga in their native NYC in the near future. Stay tuned.

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