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For Kelsey Grammer, the fourth time really might be a charm.

The Boss star, in Chicago to film season two of his Starz drama, stopped by Noble Square tattoo parlor on Saturday and paid tribute to wife number-four, Kayte Walsh, in the most permanent way possible. No, not via an exchanging of vows. Kelsey has made it clear those are easily breakable.

Instead, he got the name “Kayte” inked on his right hip.

Kelsey Grammer in a Tux
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

“He was pretty cool about it,” said Bob Jones, owner of the establishment, to The Chicago Sun-Times of Grammer.

A fellow patron, meanwhile, said Walsh accompanied her husband for the procedure and described the British flight attendance as “darling.”

“They were fun. Very friendly and into each other. They were just talking and enjoying each other,” said Christine Darbo, a 72-year old grandmother with two tattoos of her own.