Jersey Shore House: Trashed By Vandals!

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As if the Jersey Shore house wasn't trashy enough based on its residents, the exterior of the Seaside Heights, N.J., structure has been vandalized repeatedly.

The realtor for Danny's house says hoards of people keep tagging the outside walls with their names and random, lame comments like, "We love you Snooki."

Seriously? You graffiti the Jersey Shore house and that's all you got?

Shore House

The damage at Case de Duck Phone is so profuse that the realtor is forced to repaint the guido STD cesspool ... on a weekly basis. So yeah, it's a problem.

It gets worse, too. People have been stealing roof shingles as souvenirs (?!) and are often caught messing with the front door when the house is vacant. 

Local police are on the lookout for nefarious fans of the MTV series, which is set to begin filming again this summer ... when it's no longer their problem.

It's only the realtor's responsibility when the show is NOT in production. MTV and 495 Productions must take care of the property while the freak show films.

As if they don't have enough issues, with a pregnant Snooki, The Situation's drug problem and a general lack of hygiene and human decency in that place.