Is Jenelle Evans Cutting Herself?

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans apparently has or had issues with cutting herself, according to former pal Tori Rhyne, who is selling her out hardcore lately.

Rhyne tells Radar that Jenelle's extensive and well-documented family turmoil initially put her in a bad place, leading to Evans' self-destructive behavior.

"They're all crazy," Rhyne said of the Evans family. Well, yeah.

Jenelle is Nuts

Tori says that when Jenelle's parents split, "It just messed with her head" and that Jenelle would constantly call her crying about any number of things.

Rhyne said she would reassure her things would get better, and became painfully aware of Jenelle's cutting fixation when she would visit her house.

Even with her wrists concealed, either wrapped or covered by long sleeves, "Sometimes you [could] see the blood and stuff," Rhyne recalled.

She says she'd try to cheer Jenelle Evans up by telling her that "she is not alone," but with only mixed results, leading to a rift between the girls.

Rhyne admits her frustration with Jenelle even caused her to turn physically abusive toward her at times - even before their INSANE fight on Teen Mom 2 (below).

"I would actually slap her cuts that she had on her wrist," Rhyne says. "I knew it was gonna hurt her a little bit, but I wanted to make a point."

Consider it made. Studies indicate between 2-3 million Americans have inflicted harm to themselves intentionally, Jenelle and Demi Lovato included.

If you're one of them, get help.

As for Jenelle, she recently broke up with Gary Head and is said to be off drugs and seeking custody of son Jace, so hopefully she's doing better.

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