The Voice Recap: And the Battles Conclude ...

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In the fourth and final week of The Voice's Battles, there were some mediocre efforts, but by and large, the duets were strong enough to lead to some tough calls.

The Battle Round, as we've discussed, forces aspirants to crank out songs that aren't necessarily in their vocal wheelhouse, putting some at a slight disadvantage. 

Still, that's the name of the game, and from a viewing standpoint, they're hard to beat, as they help showcase both the show's unique talents and A-list coaches.

Which six contestants advanced to the next round, and which six succumbed to the sudden death format? Whose team is strongest as of now? Let's take a look:

James Massone vs. WADE - "True Colors"

In this battle of Team Cee Lo members, James was the tortoise, steady as he goes, coming through even if he didn't dazzle anyone and may not go a lot further.

Wade has much greater power and range, and thus potential, but James made the fewest mistakes (none) and that was good enough to win this Voice battle.

Nicolle Galyon vs. Mathai - "Love Song"

Nicolle's calling card all along her piano playing, and after coach Adam took that out of the equation, she became a lot more generic, and Mathai got the nod.

In a surprising move, Adam revealed how disappointed he was in the duet overall, even though it was his own team, but Mathai was a lock to advance.

Moses Stone vs. The Line - "Satisfaction"

Moses is a rapper, but that didn't stop Christina from exploring his vocal skill, and it's a good thing, too. Singing isn't his forte, but his stage presence won this.

The Line, for all their terrific talents as a tandem, are probably not as well suited to the format of The Voice as Moses is, at least heading into the Top 24.

Karla Davis vs. Orlando Napier - "Easy"

This Team Adam battle was one of the night's toss-ups. Very close. Both were pretty good, although Christina called the whole thing "lackluster."

Orlando's tone and soulful nature seemed to have the edge, but Karla must have more potential in Adam's eyes, because she squeaked through this.

Naia Kete vs. Jordan Rager - "I'm Yours"

Not the best Battle Round duet this season by a long shot. Blake sort of handed it to Naia by picking a Jason Mraz, and even then, she limped to the finish line.

Jordan did an alright job, all things considered, but the song was the ideal choice for Naia and she still wasn't knock-your-socks-off good, just good enough.

Tony Vincent vs. Justin Hopkins - "Faithfully"

Considering that some pairings seem like mismatches, it's hard to say if it's good or bad that two talents like this are forced to go head-to-head right now.

The guys were both great, and the performance was quite possible the best of the night, but only one could move on to the Top 24. That singer was Tony.

Who was your favorite singer of the night? Which two stars put up the best battle? Which coach has the best going forward, and who will win The Voice?

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