Lindzi Cox: Happiest Bachelor Castoff Ever!

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Lindzi Cox acts like she got away with something.

The Bachelor runner-up, who Ben Flajnik rejected in favor of MODEL Courtney Robertson on this month's season finale, is all smiles these days, as if she dodged a bullet.

When she departed, Lindz did so with an interesting parting shot, telling Ben that he could call her if (and when) everything unraveled with finacee Courtney.

She meant it as a joke, though, and from the looks of it, she's content to move on and forget, more or less, that anything ever happened with Ben.

Jilted as she may be, the Seattle resident who rode in on a horse has ridden off into the sunset on a high note, and is about as happy as a girl can be.

No bad blood toward Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, no ill will toward the show, no wondering what might have been ... and no looking back.

Safe to say Lindzi Cox is the real winner here?

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